As of July, 2009, the state of Arizona continues to permit a Tax Credit for individuals who wish to financially support the extra-curricular activities of the Miami Unified Public Schools.  This enables you to subtract your contribution (to the Miami Public Schools) from the taxes that you owe the state of  Arizona.   In addition, you can deduct this amount on your Federal Tax Return.

TYPICAL SITUATION:  You are in the process of doing your taxes for the year and find out that you will owe the State of Arizona some money.

OPPORTUNITY:  the state will allow you to contribute, to a public school of your choice, either $200 (single individual or head of household) or $400 (married couple filing a joint return) BEFORE sending them a check for the remainder!

NEED:  Public schools such as MHS have a difficult time financially supporting all of the extra-curricular activities (sports, drama, band, yearbook, student council, etc.) that you and I enjoyed in abundance when we were attending school.

SUPPORT THE VANDALS:  Here is your chance to help  students enjoy the after school activities that are an extension of the regular school day. Most would agree that these contribute to the development of a well-rounded student.

OBTAINING THE TAX CREDIT IS EASY.  Print and complete the
Tax Credit Form
, enclose your check payable to MHS School District, and return these to the Miami Unified School District #40, PO Box 2070,  Miami, AZ 85539.  The school will send you a receipt.  When you file your State Taxes, record the CREDIT on Form 322.

VANDAL SPIRIT.  If you CAN make a contribution (which will not cost you anything) it will really help your alma mater.

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