A Tribute to  Our Teachers

We have been privileged  to enjoy,  once more,  those  teachers  who  have been  able  to join us  at our  many  Reunions.    We honor them  on  Sunday mornings.   We reminisce with them  over breakfast.   We  laugh  about  things,  now,   that   perhaps  were  not  quite  so  funny "then."   And so, to all teachers who have attended our Reunions over the years,  and  TO EVERY TEACHER in whose class we sat, we want you to know that . . . 

Our lives, as well as the Miami High School Reunion of 
Classes would not have been the same without you. 
You are the frosting on our cake!   No, make that . . . 
You are the salsa on our enchilada! 

To all of you who have attended one of our reunions, 
and to all teachers  who nurtured us . . . we thank you! 

WE THANK YOU  . . . 

 for the lessons you taught us, by your example, 
 as well as the content of your subject matter. 

 for "keeping on us" about studying. 

 for tolerating our pranks. 

 for volunteering as sponsors for the many 
 extra-curricular activities and clubs 
 which we enjoyed and from which we learned much. 

 for taking us aside to have a talk . . . 
 when that was just what we needed. 

 for being so knowledgeable about your subject . . . 
 and making that extra  effort to get us interested. 

 for encouraging us to take paths that would 
 enhance our lives when we hesitated to do so. 

 and thank you for our pleasant memories of you. 
 We can't remember your  coming to school grouchy, 
 (although we may have sent you home that way.) 

We've all heard some "good news ? bad news" stories. 
Here is one that includes a great lesson: 
The good news is,  "Life is just a game." 
The bad news is,  "Batteries are not included." 

By now each one of us has discovered how true this is. 
We have had to supply our own batteries.  But, 
we owe each one of you a great debt.  You provided 
the spark that enabled us to keep our batteries charged! 

Gob Bless You! 

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