For three days the hotel was transformed into a Mini-Miami.  Everywhere you looked there were posters, banners and pictures of "our town."  Remember?


Every visitor knows Miami has 2 main streets, however. . .

"We lived in strangely named places, like Moonshine Hill,
Turkey Shoot Canyon or below the slag dump spill,
Central Heights, Claypool, Ransburger Hill (for a view),
Warrior Canyon or Mackey's Camp, just to name a few."


Over a hundred banners were hung in the ballroom  giving it a Miami atmosphere and reminding us of where we bought our milk, lumber, Mexican food and other essentials while we were growing up. 



Graduation Pictures and Yearbooks, as well as a TREASURE of photographs of people, our school and the town graced "The Picture Room."  Visiting it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane! 


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